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London hotels by categories: tourist class, standard class, first-class, luxe class.


Luxury 5 stars London hotels

Find rooms in 5* London hotels.

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Luxury class hotels selection in London city

luxury hotel st martins london
St Martins Lane Hotel
from: £185
royal garden 5 star hotel
Royal Garden Hotel
from: £145
luxury hotel radisson berkshire
Radisson Berkshire
from: £90
park lane 5star hotel
The Park Lane Hotel
from: £149
luxury radisson mountbatten
Radisson Mountbatten Hotel
from: £99

Luxury London Hotels.

Noble luxury London hotels are well-known all over the world. What are they famous for? Well, first of all, luxury London hotels are known for well-arranged and unobtrusive service. Polite and patient personnel are recognized to be the core of all hotel service in Great Britain. The same is about luxury London hotels. Being the capital of the country where just real ladies and gentlemen live, London takes much care of the quality of its hotel service. British people are proud of their old traditions of hospitality. Thus luxury London hotels keep original English traditions combined with best level of modern hotel service.

Running your search for some of exclusive London hotels, you can be sure the star level will correspond to existing standards for all 100%. Here they are not going to mislead you by trying to advertise a low-profile service under the label of some five-star hotel. Correspondence of the hotel categories to their standards is followed carefully. This way, elite London hotels provide really unique level of services for adequate cost.

It is interesting that despite the fact London is one of the most expensive world capitals, the number of tourists visiting it annually just grows. This is one of the reasons English hotels have to keep their repute and maintain high service level. No exceptions are possible.

Ranked London hotels are not just modern and comfortable accommodations. Each elite hotel in London has its own zest to attract its own visitors and expand the cohort of constant clients. So, each luxury hotel has its unique style. For example, some hotel located in historic district will by all means possess majestic and gorgeous design of exterior and inner space. The spirit of epoch is demonstrated in each detail. Many London hotels are designed according to classical style and amaze their visitors with luxury and perfection of suits.

It’s not a secret and no wonder that ranked hotels of London are quite popular among rich people coming to the city from various countries of the world. Evidently, only the wealthy can afford a week at some of splendid London hotels.

So, luxury hotels of London admire people with their chic and majesty. Personnel of the hotels are all trained and professional. All the services offered are due to the declared level. You can get really royal rest at any of London hotels recognized to be luxury and outstanding


5 star London Hotels.

If you are going to visit one of the most beautiful and prominent cities of the world, namely London, so you will be in need of booking a room at some of its hotels. And if you like high-quality rest, which is an embodiment of perfection, so you must reserve a suit at some of 5 star London hotels. It will be really great and unforgettable experience, for all 5 star London hotels offer most comfortable and stylish suits for their clients. You know, 5 star London hotels are known all over the world for their majesty and high-quality services. That’s why they attract more and more visitors each year who admit the splendor and glory of the ranked five-star London hotels.

The most of five-star London hotels are located in the central part of the city. They are the spots of beauty and luxury of London. It goes without saying the service level of the hotels is out of any doubt. But high-quality services are not the only attraction of five-star London hotels. You should know that each of these hotels has something else to be unique and exclusive for you. We mean the interior and exterior design of the buildings. And the style of building is also preserved in arranging and designing the suits of the hotel. So, English people really have something to boast – their sense of style, their art taste and famous English punctuality.

Like other London hotels, five-star ones have a distinctive feature – they serve two types of breakfast to their clients. The first one is a quite usual for Europeans Continental breakfast and another is a classical English breakfast. It is also interesting that some of the hotels are owned by representatives of other nationalities like Italian, Chinese, Spanish and others. Such establishments display ideal combination of English courteousness and national specifics of the hosts.

dorchester 5 star london hotel So, five-star hotels of London amaze their guests with comfort, luxury and design. One of such places in London is Sanderson hotel. Its services can satisfy even the most demanding guests. The hotel is comfortably placed and has perfect reviews from its clients.

Another hotel to be named is the luxury Dorchester hotel providing fashionable suits with great view to Hyde Park.

The list is really long and you’d better have seen some of them once in your life to experience all the beauty and luxury of original and exclusive London five-star hotels. We are sure you’ll get exciting impressions!

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